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Applying roof waterproofing with Isomax

Why Isomax?

  • Resistance to nature’s impact.
  • Resistance to chemical influence.
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures.
  • Vapor permeability which prevents the waterproofing from peeling off of the base.
  • Adaptability to various shapes.
  • Independence from the movement of the roof construction.
  • Easy and practical application that excludes heat processes and in turn reduces expenses.
  • The products “ISOMAX” do not contain organic solvents, are not fire-hazardous and are not harmful to our health and the environment.


  • Roof waterproofing – 5 or 10 year warranty.
  • Sheet metal roof – 5 year warranty.

Application of underground waterproofing with Isoelast

Why Isoelast?

  • Waterproofing with only two “hands”!
  • Can be applied right after the deformation of fresh concrete.
  • Resistance to acidic underground waters.
  • Accelerated drying – 4 hours.
  • 100% ecological product.


  • Horizontal underground waterproofing – 5 year warranty.
  • Vertical underground waterproofing – 5 year warranty.

Application of polymeric cement waterproofing Izomraz

Why Izomraz?

  • The minimal temperature of hardening (0°C) allows for the execution of quality waterproofing even during the winter.
  • Rapid hardening even in highly humid air.
  • It forms a highly elastic waterproofing membrane which in turn provides a possibility for walking.
  • Any type of cladding can be applied directly over the resulting waterproofing.
  • Ideal solution for pools, reservoirs, water tanks and other objects, constantly under water.
  • Exceptionally high adhesion towards any type of base – it provides water resistance even under negative water pressure.
  • It retains flexibility even under low temperatures (as low as -25°C), as well as high temperatures (up to 160°C).
  • Inflammable.


  • Polymeric cement waterproofing – 5 year warranty.

Additional information:

  • You can opt for monthly payments for up to 3 months with no increase in costs!
  • The final price is deduced after inspecting the site.
  • For sites with surface area under 100 m² the price is increased by 20%.
  • Additional services, such as removal and transportation of felt and waste, partial reinforcing putty over puddles or joints treatment are described and specified during the inspection.

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