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“Kolos 22” Group specializes in the fields of roof waterproofing, roof repairs, hydroisolations as well as other types of repairs. The company is one of the leaders in the field of roof hydroisolations and our experts are not only professionally trained in the craft, but they also possess a vast experience in field, utilizing all the new technologies of the liquid hydroisolations “ISOMAX”. “Kolos 22” Group is the only certified representative in Northeastern Bulgaria for laying hydroisolation products of “ISOMAX” following regulation №2/2004.

The technology for applying liquid hydroisolation

The main difference between the pastes “ISOMAX” and the coiled bituminous material is in the process of preparation of the waterproofing membrane. When using coiled material the membrane is manufactured at the factory and installed on site by adhering using hot bitumen or gas flame heating. When using cold waterproofing pastes “ISOMAX” the membrane is prepared directly on site, through the method of applying multiple layers of paste and laying one or two reinforcement layers in-between them.

The most significant advantage when using pastes “ISOMAX” is the resulting continuous waterproofing membrane on 100% of the surface of the site, thus avoiding the biggest disadvantage of the coiled materials – the presence of joints and splices between the separate coils. Moreover, the method of waterproofing pastes provides a fail-safe operation on all shapes and deformations of the foundations, terraces, bathrooms and wet rooms, to the rooftops. Qualitative characteristics of waterproofing pastes “ISOMAX” are guaranteed only if the technology of application is strictly followed.

Trusting our specialists, you automatically gain the opportunity to have a durable roof over your head for many years because with our professionals every single detail, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones will not remain unseen. “ISOMAX” waterproofing system has been the number 1 product for three consecutive years, according to the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, with the highest quality guaranteed!

Finally, we will quote a sample of a conclusion, as a result of a technical expertise to establish the operational reliability and durability of the waterproofing of a flat roof built with “Isomax”. It was made by a team led by Professor D. Nazarski, member of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. The waterproofing was completed in 1992 and the survey a decade later, in 2002

The conclusion states:

“The State of the waterproofing of all of its levels, as well as the characteristic sections (boards, water intakes, vents chimneys, etc.) is good without any defects whatsoever (cracks, bubbles and others.). This clearly shows that this type of waterproofing system, by which the necessary operational reliability and durability are achieved can be given a guarantee for a period of ten years.”.

If repairs must be made, do not opt for the cheap option which after a short while will cause issues and result in additional expenses. Our advice would be to use the services of a professional firm which will conduct the quality repairs using only top-quality materials, because that way the guarantee is doubled!

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