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The combination of special rubber and the millions of fine fibers in the composition gives the ability of the obtained membrane to deform along with the substrate, without crackings and loosing adhesion, regardless of the weather conditions and the temperature changes. “Isomax ELASTA” is quickly and easily applied by a brush. The coating dries for about 4 hours; it facilitates the technology of application and it saves time and labor. Furthermore, it lets the foundation to breathe.

The waterproofing with “Isomax ELASTA” is resistant to the hazardous impact of the UV radiation, thanks to it’s specific structure (small bituminous drops, protected by a layer of inorganic emulsifier), which provides tested durability of the material of over 15 years. Incombustible and ecological. The product does not contain any organic solvents, it is not fire hazardous and is safe for the health and environment.


  • Waterproofing of new flat and sloped reinforced concrete roofs
  • Repair and maintenance of aged roof waterproofing
  • Repair of roofs with bituminous shingles
  • Waterproofing of sheet metal roofs
  • Waterproofing of thermal insulations of any kind
  • External elevation joints

Technical data:

  • Density: 1,07 ± 0,05 g/сm3
  • Heat resistance: over 140°С
  • Flexibility: minus 15°С
  • Adhesion with concrete: over 1,25 Мра
  • Flexibility: over 900%
  • Flexible reinstatement: over 85%
  • Water resistance for at least 24 h at pressure of 6 kPa
  • Drying time: about 4 hours


  • The coloured waterproofing pastes Isomax-ELASTA are applied as the final layer.
  • The coloured coat provides maximum defense against UV rays and in doing so it further protects the waterproofing from aging.
  • This final layer give us an opportunity to achieve a more aesthetically complete waterproofing.


  • Repair – 4 kg / m2
  • New roof waterproofing – 5-6 kg / m2
  • Repair of bituminous shingles – 3 kg/m2
  • For sheet metal roofs – 2,5 kg / m2

Waterproofing paste ISOMAX-A is a product with a proven quality for over 24 years now. Its applications is mainly for repairing of old roof hydroisolations. The waterproofing paste is a flexible liquid mass of dark brown to black colour. Since the year 2014 the formula has been improved and the percentage of bitumen has been increased to 70 %.

Composition: Finely dispersed system of bitumen, caoutchouc, emulsifier and water, plasticizers with or without unorganic fillers and reinforcing fibers.

Structure: Small drops, covered by a layer of unorganic emulsifier that prevents aging from the influence of the sun’s rays.


  • Repairing and maintenance of old roof waterproofings
  • Repairing of external facade joints
  • Hydroisolation over thermal insulations of any type

Technical data:

  • Density 1.05 – 1.15 g/cm3
  • Drying period of 6 – 8 hours under normal conditions (T=23±1°C)
  • Percentage of dry substance not less than 50%
  • Percentage of bitumen not less than 60%
  • Temperature limits during operation between -40°С and +100°С
  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistance to: water, several diluted acids, most of saline solutions, alkohol
  • Not resistant to: oils and organic solvents
  • Resistance to ignition Wet – doesn’t burn, Dry – burns slowly


  • The coloured waterproofing pastes Isomax-ELASTA are applied as the final layer.
  • The coloured coat provides maximum defense against UV rays and in doing so it further protects the waterproofing from aging.
  • This final layer give us an opportunity to achieve a more aesthetically complete waterproofing.

ISOELAST is product with a base of SBS modified bitumen and the specially developed and patented emulsifier “ISOMAX”. This combination guarantees 100 % water-resistance, high elasticity and durability of the waterproofing. Made exclusively for underground waterproofings, ISOELAST can also be applied under extreme conditions. ISOELAST-2K guarantees the execution of a reliable waterproofing even over deformed concrete or under high atmospheric humidity.

ISOELAST is a winner of the prize “Best construction product of 2009” at “1 to 1 in costruction” magazine’s contest, as well as the prize “Best waterproofing of 2009” at a contest by “CityBuild”.


  • For waterproofings being constantly under water /concrete reservoires, pools, irrigation channels, treatment plants and so on/.
  • For underground waterproofings of buildings and facilities /external or internal/ – underlying concrete, foundations, bearing walls and others.
  • For waterproofings under negative water pressure /subways, tunnels/.
  • For “green” roofs – gardens.
  • For disruption of capillary moisture /under stoneworks/.
  • For roof waterproofings under unfavourable atmospheric conditions.

Technical data:

  • Water absorption – less than 1 %
  • Drying time – less than 2 hours
  • Heat resistance – over 160°C
  • Flexibility at low temperatures – minus 10°C
  • Tensile strength – over 950 N/mm’
  • Adhesion – over 2,0 MPa
  • Elongation – over 400%
  • Inflammability – none

IZOMRAZ is a two-component waterproofing product based on water polymer-rubber dispersion, mineral fillers, pigments, and hardening agent. IZOMRAZ is applied with reinforcing layer of glass-fiber net.

IZOMRAZ is a revolutionary waterproofing overlay. It can be applied over and under tiles (as well as instead of them). The material makes it possible to work at very low temperatures – as low as 0°С, also the resulting waterproofing works as flooring with a really low rate of wearability. IZOMRAZ can be applied over concrete, plasters, plasterboards, masonry, bituminous materials, thermal insulation, metal surfaces (primed) and so on.  In porous surfaces when the pores are larger the base is first plastered with cement putty. The minimal temperature of hardening (0°C) allows for the execution of quality waterproofing even during the winter.


  • The minimal temperature of hardening (0°C) allows for the execution of quality waterproofing even during the winter.
  • Rapid hardening even in highly humid air.
  • It forms a highly elastic waterproofing membrane which in turn provides a possibility for walking.
  • Exceptionally high adhesion towards any type of base – it provides water resistance even under negative water pressure.
  • Vapor permeability – allows the base to “breath”.
  • It retains flexibility even under low temperatures (as low as -25°C).


  • Waterproofing at low temperature /0°C/Water
  • Waterproofing coating of inhabitable terraces and roofs.
  • Waterpoofing under all kinds of floorings.
  • Waterproofing of bathrooms, pools, tanks, tunnels and concrete canals.
  • Waterproofing of structures, subjected to high rate of movement, deflec ion or vibration – underground garages, parking areas, terraces, roofs and thermoinsolated systems.
  • Waterproofing of aged bitumen roofs.

Technical data:

  • Desity of the mixture: 1,5 ± 0,05 g/cm3
  • Heat resistance: over 160°C
  • Flexibility at low temperature: minus 25°C
  • Adhesion to concrete: over 2,5 MPa
  • Drying time: approximately 2 hours
  • Open time: not less than 4 hours
  • Minimal curing temperature: 0°C



Thermal reflective coating

IsomaxTERM is a thermal insulating paint for indoors and outdoors that works on the basis of the physical laws of reflection of heat rays – a different and innovative way of action compared to the traditional thermal insulation. The product contains special polymeric microspheres which assimilate heat energy on its surface and quickly reflect 85% of it back out. It is exactly this heat reflective effect, i.e. the assimilation of heat (internally) and its reflection (facade) is by definition a thermal insulation, as with IsomaxTERM there isn’t any heat absorbtion inside the construction and so it is trully thermally insulated.

Energy-saving effect

Applied internally, IsomaxTERM reflects 85% of the heat rays and in doing so it lowers the loss of heat to a minimum and so it provides a more rapid heating/cooling of the rooms. Applied externally, IsomaxTERM reflects 90% of the sun’s rays which in turn lowers the temperature inside the premises by 4-5°С during the summer. Based on the clients’ past experience it has been concluded that the heat-reflecting effect lowers the costs of heating and air conditioning by 25%.

Effect on health

The mold fingi’s spores are everywhere and they need constant moisture in order to develop and it has been proven that the mold is a cause for asthma as well as other respiratory system diseases. After applying IsomaxTERM the surface temperature of the walls equals the temperature of the air which in turn eliminates the possibility for condensation to occur, therefore eliminates the possibility of mold. This results in healthy living conditions for residential buildings and work offices.

Technical data:

  • Ability to reflect sun rays SR=89,20%(ASTM E 903-12)
  • Ability to reflect infrared rays – IE=84,70% (ASTM C 1371-15)
  • Sunlight reflection index SRI=112,6% (ASTM E 1980-11)
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0.035±0.005 W/m.K
  • Density – 0.55±0.05 g/cm3
  • Viscosity – 1000 – 3000 mPa.s
  • рН – 7.0 ± 0.5 (neutral)
  • Drying time at 23°С – 2 h for 1 layer;
  • 12 h – Complete drying
  • Appearance of film (visual) – flat to slight relief
  • Class for reaction to fire: Bs1d0 according to EN 13501-1
  • Adhesion – 1.50 N/mm2
  • Good resistance to wet abrasion and washing – class 3
  • according to ЕN ISO 11998
  • Brilliance of the film – completely opaque, according to ЕN ISO 2813
  • Coefficient of permeability – 0.01 kg/m2. h0.5
  • Transfer coefficient of water vapor V= 120 g/m2.d
  • Number of diffusion resistance to water vapor μ = 50
  • Heat penetration factor ß = 1.58 W.h0.5/m2.K
  • VOC contents (volatile organic compounds)-less than 0.1 g/l

ELASTA – EXPRESS is a product designated for a ultra-fast waterproofing.

ELASTA – EXPRESS is a one-component, super-elastic, bituminous, solvent free liquid waterproofing for flat roofs on the basis of finely-dispersed system of polymer-bitumen, the patented emulsifier “ISOMAX” and reinforcing fibres.


  • Accelarated drying – no more than 2 hours.
  • 100% ecological product.


  • Waterproofing of new flat or inclined roofs
  • Repairing and maintenance of old roof waterproofings
  • Repairing of sheet metal roofs
  • Repairing of bituminous roof tiles
  • Repairing of etheric roofs
  • Exterior facade joints

Technical specifications:

  • Density: 1,07 ± 0,05 g/сm³
  • Heat resistance: over 110°С
  • Flexibility: -10°С
  • Adhesion with concrete: over 1,25 Мра
  • Elastic recovery: over 85%
  • Period of drying: 2 hours under normal conditions (T = 23±1°C; humidity ≤ 50%)

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